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#1521: Labelling of Haiti : Gill comments

From: mark gill <markgill@midwest.net>

if one looks at the background of probably most of the journalists who write
articles on Haiti, i think it fair to say that (a) a majority of them are
assigned the piece, and use the "poorest country in the western hemisphere"
phrase as nothing more than a "filler" to their article, in that most
probably assume the average reader knows little if anything about
Haiti......and (b) have no denigration in mind.....

i tire of it, just as i tire of reading articles that must add "filler" by
repeating the tired phrases about the l994 "invasion" or whatever.....
but, does the inclusion of such indicate an attitude on the part of the
journalist, or just a means of finishing an article.....

the idea that journalists are trying to denigrate Haiti indicates that the
individual cares, one way or another......i doubt this, quite frankly......

WE may care about Haiti, but we be the minority!!!!