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#1522:Questions about Leadership : Morse replies to Dorce

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

in response to dorce:
the haitian constitution was written with duvalier in mind not aristide
(you shouldn't confuse the two)...it was ratified overwhemingly by an 
enthusiastic electorate...this is not a defense of the constitution its 
just a fact...in the united states you don't vote for the president, 
the electoral college does....you say haiti needs a president with free 
reign, well you've got it...right now there is no parliament and the 
president is ruling by decree...the ball is in his hands and he's got 
to decide which paths will be beneficial to the haitian people...the 
prime minister isn't running the country by decree the president 
is...most of what you ask for in your letter, is already happening 
.."you say you want a revolution", well i agree...we need 
revolutionary approaches to negotiating trade agreements, a new 
economy, a new education system, urban planning, technical assistance, 
new infrastructure...debates and decisions must take place, followed by 
decisive action and responsible use of funds...we don't need a 
revolution in the sense of urban guerilla warfare...when the haitian 
people needed guerilla warfare they opted for american troops, which 
was a sensible decision considering the fact that the masses had no 
weapons and would have been indiscriminately wiped out....

richard morse