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#1539: Youth Millenium Project (fwd)

From: Declama <Declama@email.msn.com>

I received this information in the mail today.  Hopefully, individuals
associated or affiliated with academia can be instrumental in facilitating
Haitian youth inclusion.  I am not sure if it is open to both Haitians at
home and in the Diaspora, but it would be nice if Haitians in Haiti can take
advantage of this opportunity.


December 8, 1999.


My name is Leanne Tonkin. I am a third year student in the Faculty of Arts
at the University of British Columbia and I am the Liaison for South America
with the Youth Millennium Project. The project is a joint effort between the
University of British Columbia and UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund).
Presently, I am working to establish contact with people in South America
who may interested in being a part of our project: youth aged 11-14 years,
adult facilitators (teachers, parents etc.), and people associated with
schools, NGO's and other recreational and educational institutions.

In brief, the Youth Millennium Project invites youth aged I I- 14, in groups
of their choice, to discuss what they consider to be the most pressing
global issues. Following their discussion, the youth will create a local
Plan Of Action, large or small, which will be implemented in the year 2000.
To aid a sense of community each group will be matched with companion groups
in other countries and in their same country. The project will culminate
with a Youth Millennium Conference in Vancouver, B.C., Canada from July
16-20, 200 1. Youth from the participating countries will be randomly
selected to participate in the Conference, with all expenses paid.

In specific, I am looking for the names and addresses of the schools in your
country, from the schools in the cities to the schools in the remote
villages. As well, I am looking for the name and address of the Minister of
Education in your country. If you know of anyone who might be interested in
participating in the project, or if you would be interested, please let me
know. This is an opportunity to make a difference in the world, now and in
the future. We hope the project will provide youth with a sense of
empowerment which will enable them to make positive changes in their
communities when they reach adulthood.

Our information package could be sent out to youth or to adult facilitators
by email or regular postal mail. Those without Internet access can
participate. There is no cost to participate.

More information on the project is enclosed. If you want to contact me for
any reason, please, feel free to do so through the information listed above.
I look forward to further correspondence with you.

Leanne Tonkin

Youth Millennium Project
"Our World, Our Choice"
A Project of the University of British Columbia and UNICEF
Room 173 - 1855 West Mall
Vancouver B.C. Canada V6T 1Z2
Tel. (604) 822-5028
Fax. (604) 822-6966
Email: ymp@interchange.ubc.ca