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#1538: Seeking Haitian revenue material (fwd)

From: Gerald L. Boarino <glb@olypen.com>


This is addressed primarily but not exclusiuvely to Haitian
"corbeteers": I am in the process of trying to create an exhibit of
Haitian revenue material that consist primarily of revenue stamps
attached to documents. 

For those of you who may not be certain of what it is that I am seeking,
first of all, these are the stamps that one has to purchase at the
Bureau des Contributions that one finds in every nook and cranny in
Haiti. These stamps are then affixed to a variety of documents, such as
the various Actes (marriage, divorce, death, birth, etc.), the backs of
cashed checks, bills of sale, contracts, utility statements or bills,
insurance forms, passports, visa cards, identity cards,  etc.,  so that
the document be in compliance with the law. One could call these stamps
a "tax" stamp.

I would be willing to purchase any material --the older the better-- at
a reasonable price. Thus, if you have material that you might consider
selling from any of these categories, please contact me. Thank you.

Best wishes for the Holidays!

Gerald L. Boarino (glb@olypen.com)