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#1552: Haiti: poorest land.... Morse replies to Foxwell

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

i'm going to try to reply to mr foxwell's latest message without 
sticking jesse ventura's foot in my mouth:

firstly when you refer to "people steeped in a long tradition of blood" 
you could be refering to haitians but you could also be refering to 
americans, british, germans, spanish, russians, japanese, chinese, 
protestants, catholics, jewish, africans,etc etc...please

"christian missioneries who teach a doctrine of loving kindness are 
haiti's only hope"...well, lets ask the arawaks and the tainos and the 
aztecs and the incas what they think about christian 
missionaries...don't get me wrong, i went to christian schools and i 
had a wonderful education, but i was also taught to try and observe 

"the problems of haiti are haitian, not western imperialism"..well if 
it wasn't for western imperialism, haitians would still be in africa 
and ayiti would still be inhabited by indians....why did the u.s. wait 
so long before recognizing haiti..because they had a successful slave 
revolution and the u.s. was still a slave country...the black africans 
of haiti defeating the christian slave economy(imagine)...

i'm not saying that there aren't christians who believe in the doctrine 
of loving kindness but i also believe that you'll find these 
characteristics in any religion any where in the world...

converting everyone to christianity might not be a cure all, but  
treating people with different backrounds with a minimum of respect 
might be a good start....

richard morse