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#1553: Re: Haitian Times from the publisher

From: Publisher <publisher@haitiantimes.com>

After a three month hiatus from Corbettland, I'm back. As many of you know
I've been head deep publishing the Haitian Times, which is what I wanted to
talk to the list about. We're looking for contributing writers. We've gotten
a bunch of wonderfully written first person essays, which we'll eagerly
publish soon. Of course, a weekly newspaper is a hungry beast that needs to
be fed. I hope some of you can keep The Haitian Times well fed. Furthermore,
those of you with social and political commentaries are also welcome to
submit articles. Needless to say, there is no pay. The rewards are greater
we'd love to have a picture of you to accompany the article. Also check our
website where pretty soon we will start a chat room. There are endless
possibilities. I hope that you all can find The Haitian Times to be a voice
of reason. We've tried hard so far to make it one. It's not a gossip spread,
there is little sensation in it. If you want to read about how evil
Americans are destroying Haiti you'll be deeply disappointed and if you want
to hear how Aristide is the cause of all ills in Haiti you'll be equally
disatisfied. What you'll get is a lively, well designed, well balanced. Hope
you all become subscribers. you can do so directly on line. Put 0000000000
in the credit card slot and we will bill you later. It's only $59 a year for
52 issues.