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#1565: Immigration of African-American to Haiti under Boyer 1825 (fwd): Wiley comments


<< I wanted to know if anyone on the list had information where original 
 may be:  Letters, decrets, presidentials arrets... anything. >>

I spent 3 weeks in the Library of Congress this summer doing research.  The 
Daniel A.P. Murray pamphlet collection has some interesting pamphlets related 
to various presidents in Haiti who invited African-Americans to come to 
Haiti.  This collection is partially housed in the rare book room, but some 
of the pamphlets have been scanned into the library's website at "African 
American Perspectives: Pamphlets from the Daniel A.P.Murray Collection, 
1818-1907."  I also learned rather quickly that when searching for historical 
documents, my results were better using the spelling "Hayti."

Shelley Wiley, Ph.D.
Nash Community College
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