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#1567: Re: #1522:Questions about Leadership : Dorce replies to Morse


<oloffsonram@globelsud.net> writes:

<< the haitian constitution was written with duvalier in mind not aristide
 (you shouldn't confuse the two).. >>

Thank you Richard, that is very helpful (smiling), I assure you I do not 
confuse the two!  However, Duvalier was exiled when this constitution was 
written.  Tell me, just who was Aristide's Prime Minister when he was elected 
President??  It seems to me, he was the sole leader of Haiti, I don't 
remember anyone else doing anything significant.  It was when he returned 
that he was hamstrung.....that isn't how you experienced it? 

As far as the revolution is concerned, you have neglected to consider the 
main reason Haiti is still mired in quicksand and going nowhere fast: the 
social, economic, cultural and class division where the few have power and 
wealth and the rest live in misery (please do not glorify the piddling middle 
class....it isn't enough.) The revolution that is necessary for Haiti to heal 
and know prosperity is the shift from the individual to the country.  As long 
as those in power steal and suck Haiti dry without putting anything back, 
Haiti will continue to decline.  Even our elite class in the US knows to feed 
the ever hungry middle class so we will remain complacent and let them 
continue amassing their wealth. The Haitian  people opted for American troops 
naively thinking they would save them from the home grown terrorism from 
which they had been suffering since the coup.....they  won't make that choice 
again.....do you know what I mean?