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#1568: Re: #1531: switching to Kreyol? Dorce replies to Bellegarde-Smith


Bellegarde-Smith <pbs@csd.uwm.edu> writes:

<< There are risks. If a very light skin Haitian (assumed  to be from
 the upper-classes) addresses a very dark skin Haitian in Haitian
 (Creole/Kreyol), she runs a risk. "Why are you assuming that I do not know
 French? Is it my color?" One must navigate these shoals and currents

Why must one navigate gingerly?  If someone is offended by the use of 
Kreyol......I say let them be offended.  They learned to be ashamed of their 
language from the "upper classes."  Now let that be done with!  My scenario 
involves my husband, who is dark skinned and who speaks French and Kreyol but 
prefers speaking Kreyol to Haitians (whatever their hue), talking to Haitians 
who address him in French.  He replies in Kreyol and sometimes neither of 
them gives in and we have a very strange conversation with each speaking a 
different language.  If shame is removed from the transaction, Kreyol should 
not cause anyone to have to navigate gingerly or otherwise.

Kathy Dorce'