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#1595: "The Phrase" : Gill asks Driver

From: mark gill <markgill@midwest.net>

how can a poor country, with per capita income of around $250 buy all these
agricultural and manufacturing products?  can you give some accurate figures
about this dumping? and, show how it is a great asset to the US for Haiti to
remain poor?

mark gill

, I often reply that Haiti's greatest value to the
> USA is its poverty.  By this I mean two things:  1) a poor country offers
> good market for dumping surplus agricultural and manufacturing products;
> a poor country offers cheap labor that can be used as a means of keeping
> wages low in one's own country.  Just think how many billions of dollars
> US wages are saved by sending, or just threatening to send, manufacturing
> jobs to Haiti and other "poorest countries" in the world.