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#1596: re: from the Dutch press : Polman comments

From: Linda Polman <LindaPolman@compuserve.com>

In reply to Guy Antoine, who presumed the article from the Dutch press
about the poison scandal in Haiti was my own: it wasn't. The article was
written by a journalist working for de Volkskrant. I should have been
clearer about the source in my original posting.

In my private mailbox I received several more responses. I especially agree
with the one Corbetteer who wrote me that the whole affair shows (again)
what a rotten state Haiti is in. Sixty children die in Haiti of poisoning. 
A foreign Public Prosecutor knows who dunnit and makes a great effort to
punish the guilty. But the Haitian Dept. of Justice won't react to requests
for cooperation in the investigations. Mind you: there wasn't even a reply
from Haiti  like: 'Sorry, can't help you out, we're busy.' 
There was only silence, and more silence, due to which the poisoners are
going unpunished, and due to which the foreign lawyer of the parents of the
dead children will probably have to abort his efforts to find these people
some compensation.
The Corbetteer who wrote to me in private says: 'All those poor desperate
parents. And in the end it is the Haitians themselves who did nothing.'
It brings tears to my eyes too.