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#1603: Questions about Leadership : Dorce replies to Morse


<oloffsonram@globelsud.net writes:

<< i assume from this statement that you believe that haiti is same as it 
 ever was...using the phrase "as long as..haiti will continue.." implies 
 that the popularly elected government is carrying on the tradition of 
 stealing and sucking....is this what you meant to say? >>


No, that's not what I meant....exactly.  I am not one of those who believe 
"those in power" means the government.  I use that term to mean the 
power-elite.....the power behind the government.  It is very popular to point 
to elected officials as the bad guys, it's so easy!!  But we all know who is 
running the world, right?  If any elected official, president of the free 
world or no, thinks they can make decisions not desired by the power elite, 
they will be brought back in line, one way or another.  They just let us 
think we have a say in our government.  Only when they make a big mistake and 
waken the sleeping giant, do the masses rise up and give a little reality to 
their fears of all of us using the power we have in our numbers and taking 
them down.  The WTO conference in Seattle comes to mind.  "They" didn't let 
Aristide implement any of the social reforms necessary to heal Haiti.  
Stopping graft being just one of them.  When you change the entire system 
from one of entitlement (if you are in a position of power you may take what 
you can) to one of doing the job you were elected or appointed to do, for a 
set salary, that might be harmful to your health!  "Just when I get elected 
they stop the money flow!"  Just like when a new congressman gets into 
Washington all shiny and new, fresh with idealistic notions of really making 
a difference, cutting unnecessary spending and pork barrel projects.  He/she 
gets sat down but quick and told "Do not mess with my wallet."  That is a 
quote I actually heard one person use to describe his coming of age on the 
"hill."  See, everyone has a "hill."  I  realize it is easy for me to point 
the finger because I do not have to shoulder any of the responsibility for 
what is happening in Haiti, but if serious introspection and desire to change 
doesn't take place with the people who do, nothing will change for the 

Tell  me something, why do people with the money to live anywhere in the 
world, stay in Haiti?  Love of country??? My guess is no.  Love of easy 
money.  They won't let that go without a bloody fight.  (Not their blood!)

Kathy Dorce'