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#1604: Cuting Trees in Haiti : Dorelien comments

From: Edwidge Dorelien <edorelien@nac.net>

Cutting trees in Haiti
It is with sadness that I read about the new fate of Cornillon best known as
Grand Bois. My father is a native of Grand Bois "Cornillon" and for about 5
years I worked on a road project to rebuilt the Cornillon road from Thomazeau to
Latoison. It was always our main concern, who the roads will profit? Until that
we become a nation of law and order, I believe that building road to connect the
countryside with cities should be the last option to consider when we are
talking about development. It will open a new market only for the benefit of a
minority from the cities and will aggravate the ecological deterioration of the

E. Dorelien