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#1612: win 0,000 on Haitianconnection.com (fwd)


Subject: win 0,000 on Haitianconnection.com

 The new millennium is here and Haitianconnection.com wants to show gratitude to all who have supported and made the website what it is today, SIMPLY THE BEST AND HOTTTEST ONLINE HAITIAN COMMUNITY.  Haitianconnection.com is offering cash prizes totalling over $20,000.00 in an online scavenger hunt game.  It's basically simple. 
 Here is how to play the game:
 You go the url http://www.haitianconnection.com everytime you're online
 . Once there, you click on the link that reads "message forum", then you make sure that you're logged on. Once you're logged on, you're free to explore all the parts of the site searching for prizes.  Prizes randomly pops up on different pages.  
 SO THE MORE YOU SURF through the site the more likely you are to win a prize. Once you're a winner a special window will pop up prompting you for your name and address information. The prizes will continue to be given away all throughout the first month of the new year.
 So, be sure to win and have fun!
 Bonne Chance!