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#1611: Thousands of Haitians back on line after dispute: pina comments

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

I had a tremendous problem with ACN's disconnection at first. Doing 
international business from Haiti, for me, was at a stand still. In the wake 
of their shutdown, several other reliable ISP's have emerged that otherwise 
could not have flourished. Perhaps this was their own form of deregulation 
and monopoly busting and if so, it has been successful.

At the the same time I must give kudos to ACN, despite the Apaid's and their 
known involvement in supporting the coup, for playing by the new rules of 
the game. I think we are seeing real change here people. Watch closely from 
now on because Haiti is poised to be a real player in the Caribbean for the 
next century. I remain bullish about Haiti.

Kevin Pina
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