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#1664: Disagreeing with Simidor by Nekita


I tend to side more with both Hudicourts and Delatour. I believe Haitians 
don't maintain what they have Period. Don't blame our carelessness attitude  
on anyone. We are responsible.
Look at a monument such as Citadel. What did haitians do to maintain it? Did 
the money for the renovations  done in the  80's and 90's come from Haiti's 
Who should we blame for Peligre's lack of maintenance?  
Many countries whose valuable properties or monuments were destroyed either 
by war (especially during WWII) or natural disasters like earthquakes or 
floods had reconstructed or rebuilt their monuments. Couldn't Haiti 
reconstruct Palais Sans Souci, Palais a 365 Portes? Japan reconstructed many 
of its temples.
What about all those nice wooden gingerbread houses?  Could not they be 
I went to Jeremie for the first time in l996. I could only imagine the beauty 
that my parents always tell me about that town of poets when they were 
growing up. I try to imagine if all the wooden houses and the tall brick 
structures were well kept, painted  or restored, Jeremie would have been such 
an attractive city assuming one could get there without risking their life in 
such dangerous roads or ferries.
If homeowners in Haiti were like the people of Milot, the country would have 
been such a picturesque place. People in Petit -Goave and Camp Perrin try to 
maintain their properties also.
Therefore, Simidor needs to reconsider his statement . Based on all the vivid 
illustrations given on  poorly maintained roads, trucks, cars, ambulances, 
buildings, machineries, we Haitians ate the beans, we need to sh---  them, no 
one else. Also, remember the Haitian proverb" Si pa t gen sitirE, pa ta gen 
volE" ( There is no thief without an accomplice- in the Haitian sense of 
Happy 196th anniversary,