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#1665: U.S. plot theory: Gill replies

From: mark gill <markgill@midwest.net>

> The theory is that keeping wages low in Haiti is advantageous for US
> economic interests not so much because the US outsources so much labor to
> Haiti but because Haiti provides a rockbottom wage floor for the whole
> Western Hemisphere.

so, it is not the policy of the US to keep Haiti poor, as some suggest on
this mail list?

and, have you ever looked at wage scales in El Salvador, Honduras,
Guatamala, most of Mexico, Equador, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, etc?  the
average hourly rate in these countries is as low as Haiti.....in fact, there
are far more American and Canadian factories in El Salvador than
Haiti......by far......thus, how can Haiti provide a " rockbottom wage
floor" for the whole western hemisphere?

if one compares products either manufactured completely or partially in
Haiti versus the DR or the other countries i mentioned, one finds that Haiti
is quite low on the "totem pole".....

the talk about US interests in Haiti is so overrated not to even warrant
comment.....any one who knows trade is well aware of this simple fact.....we
all know that few will invest in Haiti, and any comparison between Haiti and
any other country in the western hemisphere will show this......