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#1717: Seitz lines up with Gill on deterioration (fwd)


Mark, I cannot tell you how much I agree with you.  If only some cosmetic 
repairs and paint would begin to upgrade the lovely structures, self esteem 
would perhaps motivate positive action.
Working at that time for USAID, I became involved in preparing certain areas 
of Cap Haitian for the arrival of a small cruise ship in the city itself, the 
first in about 15 years.  Negotiating with the local paint supplier, my 
partner and I secured enough paint in tropical colors to paint certain areas 
where passengers might embark.  The Mayor of Cap Haitian at that time hired 
the painters, spoke to the proprietors of businesses or owners of houses, and 
the painting was done in 3 days!  Then, the Fire Company hosed down the 
streets after they were cleaned by another crew, the small marketplace 
spruced up and did their own painting (with our paint), and a few artists 
even painted a mural on the wall facing the pier where the ship would dock.
It was all wonderful.  Superficial maybe, but the effect, the will, the 
result was there - for the moment.  We all know how the Haitian people can 
rally, and we are all in definite awe of their God-given talents.  An action 
plan to begin could be done.  The feeling of despair now gripping the country 
has had an overwhelming effect on self-esteem besides well-being.  If we 
could help with even some cosmetic facelifts, as you suggest, it might at 
least be a beginning to help face greater repairs.
Would a paint company donate?  Does anyone have any ideas on what route this 
seemingly simple plan could be inaugurated?  Or is nothing ever simple in 
Haiti.  sseitz