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#1718: English Classes in Haiti (fwd)

From: Black, Patricia <Patricia.Black@pge-corp.com>

I have been invited to join a medical/missionary group on a trip to Pignon,
Haiti for the purpose of teaching English.

I would like to be in touch with others who may have done this.  My US-based
ESL material (how to ask directions, ride the bus, etc.) wouldn't be very
appropriate in Haiti.  So, I am wondering what English would be most useful
to people living in Haiti and whether anyone knows of classroom material
that would be helpful.

I addition to "how and what", I am also interested in the broader questions
of whether/why, to whom and to what end English should be taught at all.

Please feel free to respond to the list and/or to me directly at
pjb5@pge.com <mailto:pjb5@pge.com>  or by calling me collect in Washington,
DC at 202.234.3111.

John Black