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#1735Re: Kozyn replies to Sinai

From: John C. Kozyn <jckozyn@mnsinc.com>

From: Joshua Sinai <jsinai@erols.com>
> The most constructive efforts now need to be devoted to systematic analyses
> of how to improve the political, security and economic conditions in
> Haiti--rather than blaming external forces for the country's misfortune.
> In fact, the most unfortunate aspect about the role of external actors is
> their great apathy towards Haiti.  In June 1997 the Special Representative
> of the U.N. Secretary General to Haiti told me that unless Haitian factions
> came together to solve their own problems, soon the hemisphere would focus
> its attention on post-Castro Cuba, not Haiti.  And it seems that his
> forecast is coming true in the dawn of the 21st century.  

For the hemisphere to focus their attention away from Haiti might not 
be a bad idea IMO. I think there are probably too many meddlers there 
anyway. It also seems to me that some political factions in Haiti 
depend rather heavily upon their international friends.

John Kozyn