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#1736: Interdiction Agreement Status : Kozyn comments

From: John C. Kozyn <jckozyn@mnsinc.com>

I apologize for not following the (numerical) thread which was posted 
recently by Charles Arthur asking about the status of the 1981 
interdiction signed between representatives of the Duvalier and 
Reagan régimes.

Anyway, in tardy answer to Arthur's question - and in spite of 
several erroneous news articles recently asserting that the agreement 
is in force - I'd like to point out that former President Aristide's 
1994 decision to let that agreement lapse is indeed a fact, and that 
the agreement is no longer in force.

Ergo, current U.S repatriation efforts are unilateral actions 
unsupported by the Government of Haiti. (I think that the U.S. 
Supreme Court apparently ruled that no law or constitutional article 
in the U.S. is being broken by such repatriation efforts).

John Kozyn