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#1737: Re: #1710: Sinai joinsthe discussion on changing Haiti: Gill comments

From: mark gill <markgill@midwest.net>

In June 1997 the Special Representative
> of the U.N. Secretary General to Haiti told me that unless Haitian
> came together to solve their own problems, soon the hemisphere would focus
> its attention on post-Castro Cuba, not Haiti.  And it seems that his
> forecast is coming true in the dawn of the 21st century.

The amazing thing to me is that such a note has not appeared on Corbett
before now........for, it is discussed in numerous other mail lists,
academic class rooms, etc that as soon as Castro passes to Marxist Paradise,
attention wil turn to Cuba, given its size, location to Miami, educational
level, etc.....

how often have i read that the more Cuba opens up for tourism, for example
which it must do, tourism in the rest of the islands will easily turn to

UN agencies have watering mouths, fully opened with tongues that hang out,
waiting to plant themselves in Cuba........"great potential" is the term
often used.......