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#1754: Re: #1712: Rogers replies to Gill on RICE issue

From: Jeff J Rogers <claywork@juno.com>

......the purpose was to make
>money, not undermine the Haitian economy.....my point was there was no
>conspiracy to undermine Haitian agriculture.....

	Your point is made, however when one is on the receiving end, the
intentions of the perpetrator are a very insignificant matter.  Whether
there is a conspiracy or not is of little objective relevance when the
effects are just the same as if there were one.  Columbus may have had
nice intentions, probably wouldn't have articulated a conspiracy, but his
landing on Haiti led to the desperation and extermination of every
original inhabitant of the island.  The same is true of all western
slavery in general..."the purpose was to make money" and racism was
created and exists as an economic institution to legitimize oppression at
all levels.    Perhaps, in the case of the rice, the road to hell is
paved with solid capitalist intentions once again.  The intentions only
matter as individuals and communities work  to transform causes and