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#1755: Re: #1745: Gill replies to Ives on US "intent"

From: mark gill <markgill@midwest.net>

> > What is Gill saying? US corporations and the US government _want_ to
> see wages in Haiti and other Third World nations rise?

the US does not care if wages in Haiti and other Third World nations rise or
not.......do Haitians care if wages rise in Mozambique?

the pop and vogue economie theory today is "free trade" and a recognition
that globalization has been happening and will continue to
happen......policies are constructed along those lines, especially by the
socialist governments in Western Europe and certain groups in the
US......one example of this is the Free Trade with Mexico and
Canada......the economic idea behind it is that if a US company cannot
compete in price and supposed quality with a company in Mexico, then the US
company should fold and its workers do something else....further, the idea
states that the economy is large enough to absorb the workers who lose their
jobs......now, this is to complicated a subject for this list, as it does
not relate to Haiti and Bob would nix it if i went into detail....

but, the info given in the post which shows that US jobs are lost are a part
of the general debate about free trade and the sender takes it out of

but, all this misses the original point of my posts......that is, to counter
those who say that there is some organized conspiracy on the part of the US
govt to keep wages low in Haiti, that the policy wonks have this as their
goal....implying that they sit around and try to think of ways to destroy
Haiti......this is exactly what those who claim "conspiracy" believe, else
they would use a completely different word....

and, there are many governments around the world who, in order to entice
either US or Canadian or Western European companies to come, offer these
companies directly and not thru some DC official, all sorts of
incentives....low wages are one......please remember, if you are in the mood
to blame, to consider this.......

i know the sweatshops in El Salvador, for i lived there......i know also
that the US companies take advantage of this as does the sorry govt of El
Salvador which opened the door many years ago for this.....i know the
incentives used to get not only US companies, but companies from Asia and

the problem on this list is that too many are not willing to look at the
whole picture......too many find it easy to simply blame the US or
capitalism or globalization of something else........