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#1756: RE: #1742: Is there an economic Truth & Reconciliation model? Schulte comments

(Corbett notes:  any of you wishing to pursue this issue, please
write Paula directly.  It's just moving a bit away from Haiti issues.

From: Paula Schulte <phs@aquacraft.com>

Guy Antoine writes:
>Bishop Tutu and Nelson Mandela are arguably the greatest
moral leaders of our times.  Let's reflect on their prescriptions
and develop a REWARDING MODEL of social justice.  All
other so-called "revolutionary" cries of "dechoukaj" are just
serving to perpetuate the misery of the people they pretend
to serve.<

In South Africa, besides the guilty and survivors face-to-face admittance of
guilt and forgiveness, did the Truth and Reconciliation Commission also
arrange a small 'economic distribution' to those people who suffered at the
hands of others?  Can we ponder this in personal terms of the Millennium
Jubilee and wealthy nations' forgiveness of debt to debtor countries?  That
the world were so perfect we would all forgive each other our debts.

I second the motion from Guy Antoine to REFLECT, ADAPT, DEVELOP a model of
social and economic justice.

Paula Schulte