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#1773: Nekita's Last comment on Maintenance (fwd)



I just want to say one last thing in the topic of Haiti's physical 
Delatour and others had referred to authors like  George Corvington, George 
Michel, Barthelemy. I made reference to Louis Joseph Janvier's 1882 comments 
in a text I wrote recently for windowsonHaiti. Things are not any different. 
The common says is" History repeats itself. In Haiti's case, "L'histoire 
continue". ( History continues)

In regards to Auguste's comments regarding those in the diaspora should and 
can help, I spent 20 years trying to help Haiti in some ways. Last summer, I 
sent a 3 page post giving personal accounts on  Haiti's inability to receive 
help from the diaspora. As a veteran educator, I spent 6 weeks trying to 
volunteer in some capacity. No one wanted my help. I gave more details last 
 I believe the recent fire in Jeremie started the conversation of lack of 
maintenance in Haiti, because of a fire truck that could not be delivered in 
that southern coastal town.  First of all, the truck never made it to Jeremie 
and subsequently numerous anecdotes were given that substantiated even if the 
truck had gotten there, it would not have been available to extinguish the 
fire; and if the truck works, it is not always filled with water. Someone 
told me there is nothing so comical in P-au-Prince as fire trucks going 
around the city  fetching for water while a place in burning down. Those 
sceneries are observed during major fires in La Saline and  Cite Soleil.

Those in the medical field had also  talked about senseless bureaucies they 
have to endure trying to bring medicine in  hospitals and clinics in Haiti.
Therefore , it will not be fair  to blame just one group of people for 
Haiti's physical destruction , be it the elite or the mass.  Every segment of 
Haiti's society is responsible for its deteriorating situation.