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#1795: Jacmel : Knowles comments

From: Phil Knowles <Phildk@prodigy.net>

I live in Massachusetts and while not a church going person certainly
respect and appreciate your charitable efforts.

Someone should visit Jacmel  - I was there a year ago and could offer some

More to the point, I have a friend from Jacmel here in MA  (attending a
community college) and know his sister who lives in Jacmel. These are
bright, determined young Haitians.  I have no idea what their church
affiliation, if any, is.  If you are having trouble communicating with your
sister parish, perhaps they could help.

A caveat: if evangelism is part of your group's motive, forget the whole
thing. Haitians do not need conversion.


PS Just read Bob Corbett's extended reply to your question. Amen.