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#1789: Re: #1719: The Diaspora: the most dangerous Haitians : Pierre-Louis comments

From: yves pierre-louis <mayves@hotmail.com>

I could not agree more with Dreyfuss, we members of the diaspora are 
considered the most dangerous species. Because we are asking for what we 
think will boost haitian in the mainstream of the 21st Century we are looked 
at with disdain. Yet the diaspora remains a vital factor in the haitian 
economy. Besides this, the experience we have gathered could be of an 
invaluable help for our country if directed trough the proper channels. It 
is about time for our voices to be heard in the dialogue of an emerging 
democracy. On this matter we must be able to use the only tool that counts: 
our vote.

     Yves Pierre-Louis