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#1934: Re: #1928: Asking for help for coffee grower : Pina comments

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

My company, Caribbean Harvest, buys directly from coffee producers and 
additionally shares profits with them after sales. We prefer to work with 
cooperatives rather than individual farmers and will provide assistance, if 
requested, in its formation. Our first preference is for projects that are 
willing to develop long term strategies for implementing organic growing 
techniques which will lead to organic certification. There are many other 
considerations as well such as altitude of the plots, current production 
methods, Cafe Lave of Cafe Pile, etc. If you call me at office I would be 
more than happy to discuss it with you further. (509)257-5618 or vis e-mail 

Kevin Pina
Caribbean Harvest