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#1933: Re: #1926: Re:The timing and the import of violence: Tetgren replies to Ulysse


gu wrote
"Personally I think it's way too early for us to stop blamming the blan when their impact is still being lived and felt today."

Interesting, Gina. I agree and I'm sure others do, but will front and act like they don't. We are living in a "friendly" climate where it's becoming increasingly important to be more politically correct than anything else. Many of the Dutch and the Jews financed the African Slave Trade, but if you say that too loud, you’ll be accused of being anti-Semitic. Why do you think Americans hate Muammar Gadhafi. It's more than an oil issue. Where does all of this “old” American money come from anyway. Imagine what you could do with some of this “old” money, if you had it. We have been taught through various media to just grin and bear it. Even the Bible. After all “We Are the World”.
Gen anpil Blan ki gen de bon intansyon, men yo pa vle live up to the reality that many of them are in fact enjoying the fruits of our labor, so to speak And that’s everywhere. Yet and still when they lend a hand they are praised much more than if it had been our own. You see it’s more commendable, because after all, they don’t HAVE to, right? And when they get caught in the cross-fire, it’s worse, because they didn’t HAVE to. I’m sorry, but I laugh when I hear things like that. Any solutions? Cuz I’m tired of laughing.

Peace and Guidance,
Tetgren “always”