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#1932: Re: #1903: Re: fear of being shot : Kemp comments

From: KEMP <kemp@globelsud.net>

     When Zennie wrote :
"I am a natural idealist.(..)But then I look at what happened to this young 
doctor that got assassinated last year (..)I'm not sure I want to take the 
risk (..) I'm not going to go through 12 years of medical shooling for some 
moron to kill me"

I just couldn't help asking myself how we'll ever get out of this: 
a. some foreigners who left their country to pursue their dreams of a better 
Haiti are being told "blanc, go home". 
b. Haiti doesn't offer much hope for many people which causes people to leave 
Haiti and go to lotbo.
c. And when the US and DR sends them back, everyone gets angry. 
d. And I now read that those who could stay (like mrs Zennie) do not want to 
go back.

If the foreigners have to go home, and the diaspo don't want to go home, will 
that help the boat people to stay home?