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#1943: Re: Ulysse replies to Tetgren (fwd)

From: Gina Ulysse <gulysse@abacus.bates.edu>

You said it yourself Tetgren. We have to grin and bear it. I am obviously
not into that approach. I believe we have to stop talking about change and
talk about correction. If we really want a Haiti for all Haitians others
will have to willingly place themselves in situations to grin and bear it. 
The only step that I think might lead to possible solutions is HONEST
CONVERSATION/DIALOGUE on how we experience our identities and social
relations in Haiti. And I dont mean a get togther of different folks that
is a feel good session which could end in cries of mea culpa. I mean
series of serious dialogues among peoples of different backgrounds that
occurs indifferent parts of the country among locals, people from the
republik of PAP and dyas. Meetings in which those who are so used to
having the floor actually keep our mouths shut and listen, speak only when
we are asked to. Of course the question is would those with privilege come
to the table at all. Would they be willing to come and leave their ego at
the door before they reach the tonelle? 

What's the point of all the talking you may ask? No matter how much we add
this or that , change this or that until we deal with the issue of
position in Haiti, we are still in the same boat. There is a level of
consciousness raising that is so necessary and needs to be seen as an
important component of change. I do remember hearing about similar efforts
in the past. They have happened on a small scale. we need it on a larger

let me mess with john lennon a bit "you may say i am a dreamer but I dont
think I am the only one"

Maximum respek
ya hear
Gina Ulysse Ph.D.			
Asst Prof African-American Studies 
Bates College Lewiston, Maine 04240  
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				We like trashing on the weak 
				because too often 
				we don't have the courage 
				to confront the powerful
                 				--Cornel West