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#1944: Re: #1791: Genevieve replies to Rogers


Hello Rogers
What a splendid post?  My thoughts, and those of friends in HPP, our 
organization/network, though secular, run in the same direction.  Instead of 
sitting in our respective and individual ivory towers and enjoying the 
comforts of "capitalism" let Each of us DO something for Haiti. As Camus once 
wrote what matters is to minimize EVIL. You can try  the following and sleep 
better at night:
1) Give even a small financial support to a reliable project in Haiti.
2) Share your technical skills with a reliable organization in Haiti.
3) Support a well run established project in Haiti
4) Donate books for a library to a school you know.
5) Provide trees for a relative or friend to plant in Haiti.
By the way, How is the claypot project going in Haiti?
My personal and heartfelt thanks to the gaggle of missionaries, assorted do 
gooders, and naive folks like us, whose efforts keep many poor people from 
going to bed hungry, every night, in Haiti.
Kenbe fem. Pa lage. Janine Genevieve