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#1950: Re: #1922: Problems & Hardly any Solutions : Laleau comments

To: bcorbett@netcom.com

Dear Tetgren,

What an endearing comment!  Mr. Morse is a musician, not an instructor, but 
as a musician, he has probably learned to make every word count.  I was 
forced by a sociology teacher in college to write 3-4 reviews of books or 
articles every day, on a 3X5 index card.  She called them "precis".  If it 
didn't fit on the index card, we had to "boil it down."  It was a great 
discipline!  I used to read just about everything on the List, but have 
gotten more selective in recent times (today there are 67 messages -- I'd be 
here all day, and paying by the minute for my Internet time, too!) so now I 
cut to the chase and read the items from people I enjoy or can learn from, 
selected news articles, or selected topics of interest.  Some of the very 
long articles are worth it, and I print them out to be read later.  Many I 
just skip.  I wonder what other people are doing?

Nancy Laleau