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#1959: Response to Nancy Leleau (fwd)


Dear Nancy,

I appreciate your comments and input.  I am white, foreign, American and, for 
whatever reason(s), drawn into a relationship with Haitian people.  I am 
trying to learn more about Haiti and human relationships through this list, 
books, conversation, time and energy spent in Haiti, etc.  In today's world, 
there is more information than I can process.  In fact, I spend far too much 
time sorting through "information".  But I am constantly seeking 
communication with people who are trying to do whatever they can do, wherever 
they are, given whatever choices they are given, to make things a little 
better in this world.  I have a stack of articles printed that are yet to be 
read ... and I have the time and resources to accumulate this information.

I look forward to returning to Haiti next week, I appreciate receiving the 
information I have received, I hope I didn't delete something really 
important ...

Peace ...   

Pat Laudisio  

Haiti has a lot to offer.