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#1981: Re: #1969: Re: #1920: Morse replies to Zennie

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

Dear Ms Zennie,
Unlike you , i believe you have a right to go to the united states 
(your neighbor), especially if they offer something that is not offered 
in your own country, for example: work, schooling, security...When the 
united states needed to secure the carribean area for the safety of the 
panama canal at the begining of the twentieth century, they "visited" 
haiti, cuba, puerto rico, st johns, and nicaragua, all in the space of 
about fifteen years...Its not legal in the united states to say "i 
prefer cubans to haitians, so i'll accept the cubans"....don't let 
anyone make you or your nationality feel inferior or feel that you 
don't belong...know your roots, know your rights...the very foundation 
of the united states is based on people looking for a better shot at 
life, whether it be for religious freedom, a chance for work, freedom 
from persecution, its a melting pot of nationalities...you made the 
right choice by going to the states..haiti is too dangerous to be here 
and have doubts...the doubts corrupt your intuition and your ability to 
reason and therefore survive...you will, however, have to deal with 
being called "dias" when you come back...

richard morse