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#1982L Re: #1958: Re: #1945: Something Works in Haiti---Ulysse Replies (fwd)

From: Gina Ulysse <gulysse@abacus.bates.edu>


I just want to point out something that we always overlook. THE INFORMAL
ECONOMY.  We need to give Maximum Respect especially to the marchan and
madam saras. They keep going and going and going. They adapt and they
readapt economically, socially and politically to the changing conditions
in Haiti. I actually did my doctoral research on similar traders in
Jamaica. One importer Downtown Kingston made the following statement which
i think we could have easily been made by a Haitian. In response to why
she remains in the business, she said: 

"the trade has been an occupation for many people because it makes you
independent. It make you to be self-reliant. It motivates you to be a
person of substance. A person that you lose, you gain.... you fall, you
raise... you fall you raise. it make you to be tough. So many times, I
have fallen by the wayside, I get up brush up meself and start again."

Perhaps that sense of empowerment has a lot more to do with their
continued involvement than the market.

peace, love 
& respek


Gina Ulysse Ph.D.			
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				We like trashing on the weak 
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				we don't have the courage 
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                 				--Cornel West