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#1993: KOSANBA - Colloquium III (fwd)

From: P D Bellegarde-Smith <pbs@csd.uwm.edu>

>			 Congress of Santa Barbara
>		     (A scholarly Association for the
>		     	  Study of Haitian Vodun)
			     Colloquium III
			Theme: Ancestors and Progeny/
			     Anset ak Timoun
	KOSANBA will convene  at Trinity College, in Hartford,
>	Connecticut, under the eagis of the Department of Religion,
>	on March 22nd and 23rd, 2000. Information about hotels, 
>	transportation and the like can be obtained from the Site
>	Coordinator, Dr. Leslie A. Desmangles. For all other
>	information, please contact Dr. P. Bellegarde-Smith or Dr.
	C. Michel at the University of California, Santa Barbara,
	at the Center for Black Studies. The colloquium is dedicated
	to the Marasa/Ibeji, a link to other diasporic cultures.
	Patrick Bellegarde-Smith, PhD
>	(Vice President, KOSANBA)
>	Department of Africology
>	University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
>	Milwaukee, WI 53201
>	<pbs@uwm.edu>
>	<ctr4blst@omni.ucsb.edu>