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1992: Re: #1984: Re#1954 : Democracy for Haiti; Gill replies to Poincy

From: Mark Gill <markgill@midwest.net>

i think it is the enormity of the task in Haiti that causes some to feel
that a "benevolent dictator" would provide the best course for Haiti's
future......it is easy to see how one could come to this
conclusion....it is nice and neat, it is conceptually simple......

any form of democracy, however, is NOT nice and neat, NOT conceptually
simple, but messy and an uncharted idea for Haiti....

i am sure Jean Poincy wants a "better Haiti".....a country where the
people have a better life with sufficient food, medical care and
education, good roads, clean water, forests with green trees and hope
for the future....

but, Jean, like so many others, looks at the enormity of how to
accomplish this......."democracy" seems ephemeral, like a
mirage.......almost surreal......

no one has a charted course for any form of democracy for Haiti, no well
established "plan" for accomplishing such.....no one seems to know where
anything is going.....it looks willy nilly and haphazard......

and, i think it is willy nilly and haphazard......disjointed,
unorganized, with scores of splinter political groups, each vying for a
piece of the pie.....

and, what will Aristide do?  this too is an unkown....in reality, given
the poverty of the country, the poor tax base, one has to question what
he CAN do.....he will be forced to depend on international aid, good or
bad, for lack of an alternative....and, we all know that aid has a
"price tag"....

i think we all know that Arisitde has no "magic", he does not have the
charisma to bring competing groups into harmony or unity of purpose or
direction....one cannot provide direction when one does not have

thus, i empathize with Jean Poincy.....