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1991: Auguste replies Morse on "Diaspora."


Yes, Mr. Morse. I love when I hear the Haitians living in Haiti define with 
derision  Haitians living overseas as "Diaspora." Ms. Zennie will have to put 
up with that too. 


Recently I heard one pseudo Haitian politician who came to NYC and spoke on a 
radio station requesting "Diaspos" (his term) to financially support what he 
plans to do "for his beloved region" in Haiti. (Another plan, another 
project! quinquenal of course!) He described himself with pride as a "Haitien 
du pays," a "natif natal." 

It is painful for me to learn that there are different categories of 
Haitians, some superior to others, some more Haitians than others. But what 
can I do? For the sake of the motherland I got to go along with the program 
of sending money for the politicians' precious plans and projects......... 
once they give me dual nationality and the right to vote them in or out, of 
course. Noblesse oblige! 

Is that phenomenon divisive or what? 

Has anyone tested the cooligan water being distributed to those "Haitiens du 
What is wrong with those "envoie-moi"? (Please do not laugh)

Whatever happened to "L'union fait la force"?

PS. Tell me, has any news from Ecuador reach Haiti lately? Where are our 
"revolutionaires de salon"? Have they organized any "journee de reflexion" 
lately? I am game! You are on the ground. As soon as they do let us know, 
please. American Airlines (oops, Haiti Air) here I come!