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#2015: diaspora : Morse comments

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

I have to admit, i'm a little puzzled by the "diaspora" phenomenon...I 
had never heard the word until i had actually moved to haiti...it 
definately has derogatory implications here in haiti...being the color 
i am i was usually referred to as "blanc" when i first arrived...once i 
got a little color and developed a haitian walk (whatever that is) 
being called "blanc" subsided (Now they just call out ram or richa or 
the latest song being played on the radio)...the most derogatory 
diaspora associations are  usually pinned to rapper types or people who 
are visiting, wearing their whole arsenal of gold jewelry...people who 
travel abroad usually expand their horizons and its the communication 
of that knew found knowledge which can turn on or turn off a local 
haitian....arrogance or humility?...calling someone a diaspora or blanc 
is also away of getting an edge...don't hire the blanc or the diaspora, 
we'll stick together on this one...
for someone to be able to travel abroad is a big deal in haiti...every 
one would like the opportunity so i believe it hurts a bit when they 
see someone coming and going...jalousy...in the long run however 
haitians won't base their final decisions on whether you are diaspora, 
blanc or natif natal...they want to see how you react in a pinch, they 
want to see a situation arise that brings out your inner self...are you 
strong, can people count on you, are you mystical, will you buckle 
under pressure, are you a hypocrite, a judas, a bluffer....? personally 
i get a kick out of calling someone who's just travelled for the first 
time "blanc" or "dias"...they usually try to deny for a few seconds and 
then comes the grin.... 

richard morse