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#2014: Re: #2007: Economics of Sugar Industry: Gill replies

From: Mark Gill <markgill@midwest.net>

> I am not an economist but my reading of history is that the wealth of the
> United States was made possible by the system of slavery and the conquering
> of lands belonging to indigenous peoples. 

******well, as this individual indicates, he/she is not an
economist.......in reality, the US did not even begin to become
"wealthy" till after the Industrial Revolution made its way from Europe
to America, and this Revolution was not based on slavery.......slavery
was mostly confined to the South, and even today, the South is poorer,
overall, than the North....this poverty was due in part, to the fact
that slavery existed, and further, because the South did not
industrialize as it was agriculturally based....

thus, slavery, along with dependency on agriculture, kept much of the
South in poverty and one can still see it today, in states such as
Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, both of the Carolinas, West
Virginia and Kentucky.....

if one wants to critisize the US for taking the land of the native
"indians", then at least be fair and critisize the "indians" for taking
the land from the Mound Culture that existed before the "indians" were

and, critisize the Spanish and French for taking the caribbean islands
from the Arawaks,etc.....and, then apply this same principle to
practically every country in the world, as this has been the trend
throughout the history of man.....

for example....what is Napoleon known for?  wars and the taking of other
people's lands.....eh?