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#2013: Economics of Sugar Industry : Gill comments

From: Mark Gill <markgill@midwest.net>

if free trade was completely installed in Haiti, it is doubtful that
anything would be produced in Haiti....i doubt that any commodity is
produced in Haiti that would not be cheaper if imported, and Paul
indicates some of the reasons why.....

if a poor country jumps into "free trade" BEFORE its basic agriculture
is well established, then it is doubtful that agriculture will EVER be
established....for, other more advanced countries can produce the basic
food items needed cheaper than
that country....

remember, if a poor country becomes dependent on the foodstuffs from
other countries, then the poor country becomes VERY vulnerable to the
politics of those who provide these basic food items.....anyone can see
the potential danger here.....

politically speaking, i think Haiti should (a) protect those basic
agricultural industries that provide foodstuffs and (b) build them up in
terms of technology and efficiency....

of course, this assumes the govt wants to bother......i should think the
Artibonite is large enough to produce all that Haiti needs, with proper
irrigation and fertilizers.....the politics may prevent it, but the land
is there.....