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#2037: alex dupay's book : Gill comments

From: Mark Gill <markgill@midwest.net>

a week or two ago, i recall being asked what i thought of Dupey's
book...Haiti in the New World Order.....since winter's ills struck me a
full blow, i forget who asked....

but, i think that the book is quite excellent except for a certain
weakness in terms of its stated purpose....which is, as the author
states, to show that NSC 68 contains the basis for all US foreign policy
after the Cold War....first, he does not give the text of that document,
which i am familiar with, and second, i think this is too narrow a focus
for the complexities of the foreign policy of the US, altho it would
take me too far away from Haiti to go into on Bob's list....perhaps the
one who asked me could email off this list......

i do completely agree with Dupay in regards the position of the World
Bank and the IMF, however....these institutions push "free trade",
following the economic idea that a country is better off if it maximizes
what it produces the most efficiently and imports everything
else.....well, on paper, this sounds reasonable, but in reality, this
view is a sham....
Dr. Mark Eric Gill, Envoy to Caribbean
International Association of Educators for World Peace


Society of Signum Fidei
Albert Schweitzer Caribbean Foundation
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