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#2043: Fw: "Dreaming for a Better Haiti " last & final part (fwd)

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>
 MDP party "MIN DIASPO YO" Shadow cabinet. Part IV

 EMMANUELLE ZENNIE: If you could condensed your medical studies from 12
 years to 2 years,I would save the post of MINISTRE DE LA SANTE PUBLIQUE
for you.Careful though,there are always some nasty nurses strike in that
 hospital and sometimes they bring down the Ministre.Case in point Dr.Rudy
 Mallebranche 2 years ago.With Jean Poincy at the helm of the Ministry of
 Finance,you know you have someone who will "Bow" to your wishes.I would
 want you to do something fast about the Morgue at the General hospital but
 PLEASE tell your father to leave his guns outside the Ministry when he
 GARY PIERRE PIERRE & YVES COLON: The ace team that gave us the HAITIAN
 TIMES.My progressive government would need a paper to show off our
 accomplishments.I would want both of you to take over the old presses of
 "Le Nouveau Monde" and revamp it.We would call the paper "TIMES ARE REALLY
 DIFFERENT IN HAITI".I would want a slew of positive articles about our
 country.Avoid the "Phrase"at all cost.You guys would hold seminars for our
 young journalists and teach them how not to personalize the issues.
 GILLES HUDICOURT.As probably the only Haitian around who can fly a Boeing
 757,I would offer you the post of DIRECTEUR DE L'AVIATION CIVILE. Your
 mission Sir,should you choose to accept would be to find us a permanent
 national airline.Too many airlines have come and gone...Haiti Air...Air
 Haiti..Quisqueya Air.....I want a solid airline with Airbuses and Big
 Boeings to help Mr.Dreyfuss bring the "Diaspos"in.Create us an airline
with a catchy name like "Makandal Air" or maybe "Boukman Air" and lower the
 airport departure tax.
 TOUTONTOU: I would like you to leave "revolutions" and "US imperialism/The
 Great Satan" alone for a couple of years and become my MINISTRE DES
 AFFAIRES ETRANGERES.Once you are received at the Quai d'Orsay in Paris and
 invited at the White House,I guarantee you you'll forget about
 In a nut shell that's my Shadow Cabinet for a prosperous HAITI. If there
 are any takers,I am reserving some choice ambassadorial post in BUKINA
 and BENIN & LIBERIA home of our ancestors.
 For MDP "MIN DIASPO YO" the party of change and prosperity.
 Mario L. Delatour