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#2044: "Dreaming for a Better Haiti " part III (fwd)

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>

MDP party "MIN DIASPO YO" Shadow cabinet. Part III

STAN GOFF: I  would appoint you ARMY GENERAL When Aristide dismantled the
army I thought that was the bravest thing he ever did.Lets face it we had
inherited in 1986 a club of pot bellied thugs who had nothing professional
about them.Good riddance.But now the criminals have seized this opportunity
to wreak havoc in the Haitian populace.As we speak they have the upper
hand.This is an intolerable situation,thats why I would revive the army but
this time I would want a clean,lean and mean fighting force.Your mission
Sir should you choose to accept, would be to declare war on the
"Zenglendos".I would want to use the Alberto Fujimori approach,the one that
saved Peru of the "Shinning Path".

HAITIENNES.As a factory owner you know how we used to have 60,000.With the
multiplying effect of every working haitian feeding 4 people that was not
bad.Now the "Gringos"have gone away and we are down to maybe half that
figure.Your mission Sir is to fly to Nicaragua,  Honduras and Costa Rica
and bring them back.With STAN GOFF assuring law and order we could
guarantee smooth working conditions for investors.

TETGREN (Nappy hair): I suppose you would have no problem working with some
"TETSWA" (Wavy hair) in my government,should that be the case I would
appoint you MINISTRE DES AFFAIRES SOCIALES.You like solutions and you have
a low tolerance for "Mumbo Jumbo".Unfortunately in this Ministry, you would
have to listen to a lot of "Mumbo
Jumbo" for which you would have to bring some solutions.Now is your
chance.Always remember "Today is the day".

                                          END OF PART III