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#2089: Re: #2043: Fw: "Dreaming for a Better Haiti " last & final part : Poincy accepts

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

Mario, I am deeply honored to be part of your cabinet. At first, I was
under the impression you would make me your chief of staff holding the
string in the back on fiscal matters. It seems clear now that you've
made up your mind by choosing as your minister of finance. I am quite
content with this powerful post; however, with my benevolent
authoritarian mentality, I am greedy for power to do good and I am
begging of you to declare me a "minister sans portefeuille" so I can
oversee the interior department along with being the chief of staff to
be your right hand and the guy who has your hears. You need me there if
you wish to hold on to power for 30 years. 

	I do have a condition with all that to finally accept the multifunction
ministry post. All I am asking is to get rid of the word "Excellence"
when your subordinates are addressing you. It is a pompous and bogus
title that all individuals from any superior position to the president
seem to enjoy. Because, I will not allow anyone to address me that way,
I am afraid my reaction might upset others who like to hear being called
such and subsequently create animosity; for that reason it would best to
get rid of it, starting with you. If you agree, I am ready to take on my
position and start laying out with you our first agenda for collective
security, and yours of course first and foremost because you are the

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live