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#2090: What's new on Windows on Haiti? (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <webmaster@windowsonhaiti.com>

A few weeks ago, I posted to the list a site commentary from
Mr. Patrice Backer, titled "Yes, Haiti Does Need A Structural
Adjustment".  I should hasten to say that the words Structural
and Adjustment are capitalized in the title alone, not in the
body of the text (this is just a hint to invite you to read carefully
the actual content of the note, and not to trip on buzzwords).
The article is well-researched and the author's opinion forcefully
argued. As so, I would have expected a flurry of reactions from 
the "usual suspects" (though Mark Gill did send a response
off-list), but that certainly did not happen.  However, I received
several other responses and I posted them this week on
Windows.  In particular, please see Ms. Tatiana Wah's well
articulated and detailed response to the author, as well as
our own "Mark Gill"'s comments.  Mr. Backer has responded
individually to each respondent, but promises a collective
response that will be posted on WOH in mid-February.

If you have somehow missed post #1771, I urge you to retrieve
it, or to read it directly from the Opinion section of Windows on
Haiti, along with its supporting and opposing responses.  It is
a valuable debate for anyone concerned with the economic
development of Haiti. See http://windowsonhaiti.com/windows.htm .

Secondly, I now present you with the opportunity to acquire a 
free web based e-mail service, comparable to HotMail, Mail
Excite, and Yahoo! Mail.  The name of the service is Haiti2004.  
Should you sign up, you will create for yourself a new e-mail 
address of the form yourname@haiti2004.com .  If you do not 
already have a web based e-mail address that allows you to 
easily and freely retrieve your mail from any Internet connection 
the world over, here's the perfect opportunity to acquire one.  If
you already have one, there are still two reasons why you might 
be interested in adopting yet this new service:

a) You won't have to log on to the service just to check whether 
you have received mail,  In the signup process, you may choose 
to enter your default e-mail service.  When you receive any mail 
to your haiti2004.com mailbox, you will be alerted of such by a 
message to your standard e-mail reader.

b) it provides a cachet that the others do not: a constant reminder 
of Haiti's upcoming bicentennial.  We may not mark the occasion 
with amazing pyrotechnics, but let the celebration begin in our minds
today and Haiti be the beneficiary.

Both signup and mail send/receive functions can be accessed at
http://mail.bigmailbox.com/users/haiti2004com/ or better yet
directly from the top menu of Windows on Haiti, clicking on the
option called "YourMail".  Please keep in mind that Windows on
Haiti is simply facilitating the process.  The Mail Service is
managed by a corporation called BigMailBox.com, so they will
have to answer any technical question that arises.  For my part,
I think that the signup process is a little challenging, but not
overwhelmingly difficult.  Just be sure to fill in all the required
fields, and in the case of an error, you will have to reenter your
chosen password and password reminder answer each time
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this just once... and bravo, if you succeed!

Once you do, you may care to send me a short message at
GuyAntoine@haiti2004.com, or just GuyAntoine within the
haiti2004 mail screen.  I can tell how many people sign up,
but not who signs up, unless you care to let me know.  Right
at this moment, 60 people have signed up from the web site.
With Corbett list members' help, we may well reach 2004
members by the year 2004!    

Guy S. Antoine
Look thru & Imagine!