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#2103: Re: # 2092: CBS Sunday Morning News - Klarreich comments


While I agree with John that Rita's reference to Creole as a "dialogue" shows 
at the very least inexcusable ignorance, I wouldn't so easily dismiss the 
message she intends to impart. 

Let me first qualify that having worked with numerous major networks, I have 
often been profoundly disappointed with the final product. I find that the 
stories are image oriented rather than based on substance, and far too often 
the reporter doesn't report. The same debate around "poorest country in the 
western hemisphere" is transferred in television to shots of poverty and slum 

Still, the news media follows a certain format, and doing on-site "standups" 
are part of it. That this crew's tapes were stolen doesn't surprise me: there 
is an increasing hostility to foreigners going into slum areas in general, 
and it is further heightened by the presence of a camera. I'm actually 
surprised it hasn't happened more. 

It doesn't mean that the country is lawless. But there are serious security 
concerns, and many of you on the list are all too familiar with them. Many of 
us can say that we've all done "such and such" in Haiti and never had any 
trouble, just as we can say we've done "such and such" and had trouble. 
Depending on your political orientation, you'll draw your own conclusion.

All said and done, I felt the final CBS piece that aired was thoughtful, if 
not a bit heavy-handed on the religious side, and that the reference to 
having their tapes stolen was appropriately soft-pedaled. 

I'm sure I'll get flack for this, but so be it. Kathie Klarreich