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#2104: Haiti's Piggy Bank Documentary :In Boston


Subj:    :-) AN EVENING OF HAITIAN CULTURE AND POLITICS -- Feb 17 -- 7-10pm 
-- RCC
Date:   01/31/2000 11:22:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:   digna_mejia_abreu@hotmail.com (Digna M. Mejia Abreu)

>WHAT:  Haiti's Piggy Bank (documentary)
>WHEN:  Thursday, February 17, 2000
>TIME:  7pm - 10pm
>WHERE: Roxbury Community College
>       Media Arts Auditorium
>       Boston, Massachusetts
>PRICE: $10.00
>There will be a discussion after the movie,
>food will be served and there will also be
>a performance.   If you need to order
>tickets and so on, you may call 617-524-1400
>or email grassroots@igc.apc.org or visit
>their web site http://www.grassrootsonline.org
>The movie screening is also a fundraiser
>for Grassroots International, a development
>organization based in Jamaica Plain, which
>works in Haiti and other third world
>Please attend and bring your spouses or
>significant others!  Cheers!
>P.S: pass this on to other interested people!
>The documentary is titled Haiti's Piggy Bank.
>The documentary explores the politics of the
>"creole" pigs which were destroyed in Haiti
>in order to be replaced by American pigs and
>most of you, I am sure, are familiar with the
>devastating effect that this had on poor
>farmers in Haiti.